Water Filter Billing Woes

The trouble began in May of 2017, when Home Water billed me three payments in one month. Rather than FIX the problem, they billed me TWICE again.

Email trail shows both of the above.

Bank Screen Shot May 2017

Bank Screen Shot June 2017

It's important to note that these extra billings were not applied to my account with them.

I went to my bank, and stopped any further payments to Home Water. That got their attention. It took until Setpember 2018 to get refunded. At that time, I requested a payment method that did not grant access to my bank account. They gave me banking info, and said that I had to go to RBC:

Transit#: 02874 Institute #: 003 Account # 1046671

RBC said that that information was not correct, so I reluctantly paid by Visa, and gave them my card number.

All was well for thirty days, then this:


Visa billing1

The refund was attempted, but resulted in another double billing.

Visa Billing2

Accounts Receivable stopped answering my Emails after that, so I cancelled the visa card.

They still won't email me, but are harassing me with phone calls and texts.

What Needs To Happen

Find out what keeps happening, and who gets the money that is being stolen from my accounts. It's not applied to my account with Home Water.

Come up with a method of payment for me. You will never again get automatic billing.